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Starting fresh

2 Jan

I am so delighted that 2013 is here!! While 2012 was a great year, I was not overly sad to see it disappear into the past, post midnight countdown.

I love the New Year, mostly because it means getting a chance to start a fresh to learn, create, experience and embrace something new. 2013 is a significant year for me, it sees me living in Cape Town following a nine year stint abroad, a new house, a new level in my relationship and a familiar, yet newer looking city to rediscover.

So, like many, to kick start the New Year I’ve created my ‘resolution to do list’. A year from today I would like to reflect back on the below to recap on how I’ve done and hopefully – grown.

In 2013, I would like to:

– Learn something new
– Help to change a life
– Educate and grow my passion for lifestyle
– Continue to build my career and create/ work on something exceptional
– Meet more people who inspire
– Travel in Africa
– Focus on achieving a healthy lifestyle balance (body, mind and soul)

Dom x

Why hello world indeed

28 Dec

Well hello lovely world indeed!

Whilst I have been down this little ol’ blogging road before, this time feels somewhat different.

I’ve finally come to realise that there are just too many wonderful things in life to just write about – it all interests me! I am passionate about so many things and my experiences through these, make up a big part of who I am today.

So in celebration of this wondrous epiphany, I hereby introduce to you ‘Dom Hearts‘ my very own little place on the web where I celebrate life, fashion, beauty, home and much more.

I have not been this excited in a while and I feel as if this blog, comes at a time in my life where big changes are coming in love, happiness, career and so much more. Feel free to join me on this journey (wherever it may lead) and my quest to live life – a little less ordinary.

Dom x

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